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Portable toilet hire can be an incredibly useful asset to have available, providing you with portable toilets for a huge range of purposes. Whether you are setting up events or renovating your home, having hired toilets on standby can make a world of difference to the overall project.

However, you do not just want portable toilet hire – you want good portable toilet hire. No matter how many additional toilets you are getting, you want to be sure that you are using a standard portable toilet that you can rely on, hired under an arrangement that is suitable for your budget.

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We can offer a wide variety of toilet options in July 2024, servicing clients and customers of all types. No matter the situation you are in, we can ensure that you get the toilets you need to keep your current project or event running smoothly and will take every step necessary to make sure that you end up satisfied with the results.

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Why Use Us?

We are an expert portable toilet hire Brixham service with a huge range of portable hire units on offer. Whether they are being used on construction sites or at large events, our portable toilet facilities are meant to be an easily-accessible solution that can guarantee proper hygiene, safety, and service.

As a company, we can provide portable toilets for a wide range of situations. Each portable toilet hire option we offer is fully tested and checked for safety issues, ensuring that you are getting portable toilets that are suitable for your construction sites, outdoor events, renovation project, or whatever other purposes you need portable toilets for.

As a Brixham-based company, we can offer portable toilet hire UK-wide, but are also able to expand outside of Brixham to other parts of the United Kingdom. This means that we do not just keep our portable toilet hire to Brixham and can provide our service to any part of the country with ease.

15 Years of Experience

With fifteen total years of experience and a huge range of portable toilet hire options in Devon, we can provide our clients with whatever kind of portable toilet solutions they need. Our team are well-versed in the installation, connection, and servicing of many types of portable toilet units.

Our experience allows us to provide portable toilets on-site without issue, making sure that they are all fully mains-connected and suitable for a large number of users. We can carry the portable toilets straight to your construction site, event or property and set up the unit in whatever location suits you best.

Not only that, but our experience also means that we understand what we are doing when we install the units. We know how to minimize risks, increase overall usability, and generally make the portable toilet far more practical for your situation – the important part is making sure that they are all ready to use when they are needed.

Nationwide Delivery

We can provide portable toilet hire options all across the United Kingdom, offering different portable toilet models depending on your needs. Each one of our portable toilets can be installed anywhere in the country, allowing us to serve clients regardless of distance.

Whether you live in the south east or the north west of the UK, we can give you portable toilet hire solutions that will work for you. Our equipment is constantly checked to ensure maximum portable toilet performance, keeping your upcoming event or project covered by ensuring that a portable toilet is always close by.

Based in Brixham, our company has been able to spread its service far beyond just Brixham. Our hire options are no different to the service we offer outside of Brixham, including the way we deliver.

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Portable Toilet Hire Options

We have a huge selection of portable toilet hire options, allowing you to choose the best portable toilets for your specific situation. Each of the portable toilets we offer has been fully checked to ensure perfect flush systems, drainage, hygiene and overall satisfaction.

We have enough portable toilet hire options to suit a range of situations, whether that means covering construction sites or providing portable toilet hire to a social event such as weddings. We do our best to satisfy customers with whatever portable toilets suit their needs best, matching the unit to the event as best we can.

The Best Portable Toilet Hire Brixham Can Offer

Although we are based in Brixham, we offer our service to anybody in the United Kingdom. This means that we can support parties, weddings, and any other situations that need loos for hire outside of Brixham. You can contact us over the phone or through our website if you want to hire our porta-loos outside of Brixham or another nearby location.

Being based in Brixham allows us to match the same service quality and servicing standards as other businesses. We can offer Brixham-tier service results to people far outside of Brixham, fulfilling an online order with the same level of servicing satisfaction as any business would for a customer.

If you want to know more about our service options in regard to our porta-loos and portable toilets, contact us directly. Whether you are located in Brixham or on the other side of the country, we can provide the porta-loos needed to cover your parties and events.

Portable Toilet Hire Costs

The average overall cost of portable toilet hire in the UK averages at around £40 per week. However, we have a wide range of hire toilets on offer, as well as countless ways to adjust the hire period to suit your portable toilet needs.

This means that we can discuss the overall portable toilet hire arrangements with each individual customer, working with them to find the best hire option for their budget. Whether it is changing the number of units hired or adjusting when we deliver them, we can provide portable toilet hire to key events without pushing your company or finances over budget.

Commercial Toilet Hire

A large part of our toilet hire service comes from commercial events. Regardless of the reason behind the toilet hire, we can offer a huge range of portable toilets to suit every individual customer and situation. Our reach spans across the entire UK, allowing our company to provide you with the perfect portable toilets for your needs.

Our services are perfectly suited to giving you mains drainage connected toilets, offering short-notice access to portable loos incredibly quickly. Whether you want one toilet hire option or an entire set of portable toilets, as do our best to assist each customer with getting the portable toilet units they need.

Event Toilet Hire Brixham

We can also offer portable toilet hire for events, ensuring that your outdoor events have enough additional toilets to assist in managing a large crowd. We make sure that every unit has received proper service and is going to function as expected, aiming to guarantee a fully-usable set of portable toilets in every situation.

There is no event too large for portable toilet options. We can give you the best units for your needs without pushing you over budget or forcing you to restructure anything about the event itself – our experts are here to make things easier for you.

Large Events

We can manage portable toilet hire for extremely large events, making sure that your portable toilets have a usable water supply and are available for visitors to access as needed. This means that we check everything from the door lock to the flush system to ensure minimal disruption at the event.

For events like weddings, we make sure that the customers have the final say in the units we install at the event. We can supply whatever portable toilets are most needed, working with customers to better understand the event itself and their toilet hire requirements. The more details we know, the better we can ensure things like maximum hygiene and next-day delivery.

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Event Portable Toilet Hire Options

We can offer a range of chemical portable toilets, septic tank portable toilets, and even a range of disabled toilets to suit each event. No matter what kind of event you are planning, our portable toilet hire options can assist with giving you the facilities you need to keep the crowd at the event comfortable.

Remember that a lot of events are still the same at their core. The specifics do not matter – if you need portable toilets, then you need them, regardless of how many people are attending or what the event is actually about. We can find toilet options that suit your needs and will support the customers or visitors at your event.

Construction Toilet Hire Brixham

We can provide a construction site with portable toilet hire options tailored to that specific project. No matter how remote the building site is, our construction site portable toilet hire services can give you usable toilets, giving you the toilet facilities you need to keep those construction sites running smoothly.

Construction sites are often in dire need of proper facilities. Good toilets can keep motivation and comfort high, as well as provide proper support to the workers that are spending their workdays doing the construction themselves. Beyond that, portable toilets can serve as important equipment for even small-scale construction, minimizing downtime.

Construction Portable Toilet Hire Options

We have a variety of chemical portable toilets and septic tank units available and can provide your construction site with the portable toilets it needs to be self-sufficient. When mains-connected portable toilets are not an option, we can supplement your construction site with a septic tank or other disposal method.

Construction often requires portable toilet hire. Most construction jobs mean limited access to toilets, and our hire toilets are some of the best equipment to keep construction workers comfortable. We can supply construction hire toilets to any construction site quickly and effectively, ensuring that they get the toilet hire options they need.

Emergency Toilet Hire Brixham

Our portable toilets are also suitable for a variety of short-term toilet hire situations. We can provide toilet hire options as an urgent emergency measure, aiming for next-day delivery when possible and ensuring that each toilet will operate effectively for as long as necessary. All of our portable toilet hire options can be supplied in emergencies as needed.

No matter the site, we can find the ideal toilets and related equipment to meet your needs. Emergency toilet units are important for making absolutely sure that you have the facilities needed to deal with an ongoing situation or to compensate for the sudden loss of your existing toilet units.

Chemical Portable Toilets

Our chemical portable toilet hire options are suitable for any outdoor event. These portable toilets do not require a connection to the mains water supply or any kind of cold/hot water tank, making them truly portable and suitable for an event or construction job of any scale.

These portable toilets are some of the best portable toilet hire options we have available, providing portable loos that can guarantee minimal odours and ease of use in every situation. These are some of the best portable toilet hire options for any outdoor event, offering convenient portable loos with minimal disruption or extra work required.

Portable Toilet Delivery Brixham

Our delivery options vary based on the portable toilets we are attempting to install, but we always aim for next-day delivery when possible. Each one of our portable toilet hire options can be installed as soon as the following day, as long as the conditions and distance are right for it.

Even without next-day delivery, we keep each portable toilet hire process smooth, and that includes deliveries. We want to assist customers however possible, and that means providing portable toilets facilities quickly and effectively – whether that is portable toilet hire UK-wide or to supply toilets to an event in another part of the UK entirely.

While we offer some of the best portable toilet hire Brixham has to offer, we do not keep our portable toilet hire Brixham exclusive. Not only can we offer portable toilet hire UK-wide, but we can offer our portable toilet hire services all across the UK.

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What do you do with the waste from a portable toilet?

A portable toilet can either be connected to the mains supply or emptied into a tank/waste container. This includes the toilet roll used in the toilet itself. We can provide toilet options that connect to the cold/hot water mains supply as needed, but some locations and situations may require you to hire toilets with their own tank.

How often do you need to empty a Portaloo?

Portable toilets generally have to be emptied once per week. We can work with you to figure out where this fits into our service and go over any finer details about emptying your toilets on a regular basis.

What are mobile toilets called?

Mobile toilets have a variety of names: portable toilet, porta-potty, portaloo, and so on. All of these are the same kind of toilets, just known by different names. Using a different term for the toilets will not accidentally lead to you hiring the wrong kind of portable toilet.


If you are looking for reliable portable toilet hire options, then we can provide you with the ideal hire toilets for almost any situation. Whether you are in Brixham or on the other side of the country entirely, we can cover your event with whatever hire toilets would suit your needs best.

Weddings, public event settings, parties, construction sites – our hire toilet options are suitable for almost any scenario. We can go over the finer points of our service options to ensure that we deliver the right loos for your needs: weddings and parties may want different hire toilets to construction jobs.

Although based around Brixham, we can allow toilet hire through our website or phone conversations. This opens the door to toilet hire outside of Brixham– so even if you are not in Brixham, our toilet hire service is still open to you.

Contact us directly if you want to know more about our servicing options and units available for hire. The sooner you get in contact, the sooner we can provide whatever servicing details you need to get the portable toilet units that you are looking for. You can even contact us about specific situations, like needing hire units on bank holidays.

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"We needed emergency toilets to help with the construction project we had taken on just outside of London. The units you installed were both effective and reliable, and barely needed to be serviced throughout the entire hire period beyond regular cleaning."

Peter Andrews

"Your toilets allowed our event to keep running without customers suffering from long queue times. The next time we run a similar event, you will be our first choice for getting similar hire toilet services before the open event starts."

Hayden Henderson

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